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Exactly How To Set And Accomplish All Your Quran Goals This Ramadan

As I write this, Ramadan is approaching and I want to give you a gift this Ramadan. Think of it as an early Eid present. My gift for you is the exact process I go through in order to set and achieve my Quran goals every Ramadan.

Now, I didn’t always have successful Ramadans when it came to my Quran studies. In fact, since I started practising Islam, my first few Ramadans were so un-successful Quran-wise, that I almost gave up on the Quran altogether! Let me tell you about…

The Ramadan I Gave Up On The Quran

It was a few years back – I was in my first year of had studying Arabic seriously at university, but was nowhere near the point where I could understand the Quran. I was so motivated this year, and so excited to actually be studying Arabic full time, that I decided to make the most of Ramadan. I got together with a friend who lived with me in our halls of residence, and we decided we were going to ‘kill it’ this Ramadan.

The plan was simple…

We were going to meet up after Suhoor & Fajr every day in my room or his and we were going to read one entire Juz of the Quran. Because there were two of us, we figured that would increase our accountability and we could motivate each other. And, because neither of us were particularly good at reciting the Quran, we decided to enlist the help of Imam Shatiri via CD. For the first time in my life, I was excited because I thought I was about to actually complete the Quran during Ramadan.

But Allah had other plans for us…

The first day we did it, and we both felt great about it. And of course, I missed my 9am Arabic lecture. The second day, we were still on track but both showing signs of fatigue – but we were determined to push through it. By the fifth day, we were both dreading each other’s phone call, and we had that awkward conversation of… “you know, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to do it today, but maybe we can catch up tomorrow…”

By the end of Ramadan, we hadn’t even come close. In fact, the longer Ramadan went on, the more I kept changing my targets… and missing them. The truth was, I had failed. Miserably. Towards the end of the month I decided to just let this year go, and hope to do better next year. I was so upset I almost blasphemously went down a path of thinking… “why did Allah make it so difficult for us to study the Quran?”

I now realise the Quran was never ‘difficult’ – my plan was ineffective. When life doesn’t go according to your plans, here’s a great question to ask yourself… “What is the most valuable lesson I can learn from this, that will save me from making much bigger mistakes in the future?” After some reflection, and training, I later realised where I went wrong. And, the more I reflect on it, the more I see how it was a doomed-for-failure plan from the out-set.

Now I’ve mastered a system I use with all my personal Quran Coaching clients to help them create plans that actually work in the build up to Ramadan. The plan outlined below will give you immense clarity around your Quran studies for this Ramadan, but you need to actually open up a document and write out the answers. If you want, you can answer the questions in the comments box below this article, to get feedback & support from other Quran Fans.

Exactly How To Set & Achieve Your Quran Goals This Ramadan

Get your Quran Journal out & brainstorm answers to each of these questions…

1. What can you learn from previous Ramadans’ mistakes that will help you succeed in future Ramadans?

Your past is not your future. Brainstorm 3-5 ways you can improve on your past efforts

2. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you ideally achieve with the Quran during an ideal Ramadan?

Recognise that you may not be ready to achieve this ideal target this Ramadan, and commit to improving yourself over the next year, so you can do it NEXT Ramadan, not this one.

3.a. Set up ideal & minimum time targets for each day of Ramadan.

Take a look at your calendar right now & mark off the dates of Ramadan. Now ask yourself…

a. When during the day is the best time for me to recite?

b. Will I have more time on weekends than weekdays?

c.  Which healthy weekly/daily commitments am I willing to cut out during Ramadan? Perhaps cutting out gym, or other healthy normal activities, like TV will create more time for Quran.

d. How much time will you ideally, comfortably have each day for the Quran? (eg. 1 – 2 hours)

e. And if you don’t make that ideal target, what will be the bear minimum you think you can comfortably do each day? (eg. 15-30 mins)

3.b. When Can I Use Passive Audio ‘NET’ Time (No-Extra-Time)?

I like to think of Ramadan as having 2 types of productive Quran time: passive audio listening time; versus sitting & studying the Quran time. The great thing about passive audio time is that it can be whilst you are doing something mundane that requires no conscious thought, such as taking the train or doing the laundry.

4. Where are you at right now in your Quran studies? Eg. Fluency, English, Memorization, etc.

Check out this this ‘Quran Progress Tracker’ tool that you can use to measure your progress before and after Ramadan…

(You don’t need to send me your personal information – just read the questions and make a note of the answers yourself in your Quran Journal).

5. Of all the areas of Quran study, which is the most important for you to improve on during this Ramadan to set yourself up for a great year with the Quran?

For some people, the best use of Ramadan may be to learn to understand the entire Quran in Arabic. That way, for the rest of the year, they can connect more deeply with the Quran. For others it may be improving fluency of recitation, so that for the rest of the year they can read 2 pages each day in Arabic & English to feel that constant connection. For others, the best use of this month may be to simply learn how to recite the Arabic script, so they can go on to achieve all their other Quran goals. There are many more options than just these, and each individual has to decide for him/herself what is most important to improve this Ramadan.

6. Use these practical Quran strategies with the suggested time-frames, and decide which one suits your abilities, free time & goals.

The great news is, wherever you are in your Quran studies, you’re not alone! In this article are some great resources students & Islamic organizations have recommended, that help you immediately achieve some of your Quran goals…

For loads more advice, tips & strategies for achieve all your Quran goals, visit and enjoy the free articles, live webinar invitations & videos.


6 Essential Ramadan Resources

Ramadan Kareem! To welcome in this blessed month and
help you get the best out of yourself and
the most out of your Quran studies…
Here are 6 essential Ramadan resources:
WARNING: Do Not Use All 6 Tools This
Ramadan(Unless you have a LOT of free time)

Choose your goals carefully.

Here they are…

1. To complete the Quran in English & Arabic,
with basic commentary, use this:

(highly recommended if you’ve never read
it in English before – 2 hrs per day)


2. To complete the Quran in Arabic, follow
along with professional reciters here:

You can choose reciters by name. My
personal favourite right now is Shaykh Abu
Bakr Ash-Shatri:

It’s beautiful to listen to and he goes at
a reasonable pace, so you’ll get through
1 Juz in well under 1 hour each day.


3. If you want to understand 70% of the
Quran in Arabic by the end of Ramadan,
use this:

Time: 1 hour per day


4. The best English Translation
available now comes with
parallel Arabic text):

It’s the standard Uthmani script to help
you organize your reading Juz by Juz.

Time: 45mins per day


5. Journey Through The Quran Video

This video taught by classical scholar and Oxford

professor Shaykh Akram Nadawi will seriously get

you in the mood for studying the Quran this Ramadan

– check it out!


6. Tafsir Resources

If you’ve decided that this Ramadan you want to focus

your effort in the Quran on Tafsir, rather than an

overview reading, I recommend these 2 resources.

-> Al Huda Tafsir Course:

-> Bayyinah Tafsir Podcast:

I’d recommend you start today with the Al-Huda course, Juz 2, Lesson 6.

You’ll see why ;o)

I pray you have the best Ramadan of your
life so far. May Allah bless you and guide you
& give you infinite blessings from your thoughts,
words, and actions this Ramadan.

From the bottom of my heart…

Ramadan Kareem & Warmest Salams,

Mamoon Yusaf
Quran Coach

29 Days To Go…

29 Days before Ramadan starts… here’s a tip to get you in the mood:

-> Read one page of the Quran with each Salah. By the end of the week you’ll have read just under 2 juz & more importantly, you’ll get your eyes used to reading, and it’ll soften your heart up a bit before the Great Month begins!

-> If that’s too easy for you, read 2 pages with each Salah. That’s half a juz per day, and it feels like it didn’t take up any time!

-> If it’s too hard for you, do this: read 1 page with each Salah – but make it the SAME PAGE. By Isha time, you’ll find it very easy to read the page, as compared with your first attempt at Fajr :o)

Free Gift To Use During Ramadan


I’ve been away for a little while, but I’m back with another gift…

If you’ve never read the Quran in English, or you want to boost your understanding and get a decent overview of the Quran
this Ramadan, you’ll love this resource:

It’s a web page with a recording of Amina Elahi going through the Quran one ‘spara’ at a time.

You could do a 20-30 minute session each day on your way to work, and get through 1 juz every 4 days….

Or, you could go hard-core during Ramadan and do 2 hours of audio (1 juz) each day.

My advice is to get started now, and you’ll be certain to complete it during the Blessed Month.