It Is Incomparable

“And nothing is equivalent to It” (112:4)

Imagine ‘God’. Go ahead, close your eyes right now, and imagine “God” or “Allah” or whatever you’re used to calling It. What do you see? When you really concentrate, and attempt to visualise the One that created all that is, what do you see? A bright light? The Ka’aba? The letters that spell out ‘Allah’ in Arabic? A combination of these? Does It have a face, or hands as you imagine it? Is it male or female? Got the image as clear as possible? Great.

Now, here’s an obvious truth that you probably already know… the image in your mind that represents “God” or “Allah”, that you may well have been praying to your whole life is not God or Allah. To imagine this image and pray with it in mind, regardless of how abstract it is in your mind’s eye, is tantamount to blasphemy. In fact, in the Islamic tradition, and using Quranic vocabulary, the closest word we could use to describe you praying to this image is “shirk”  – worshipping something other than God.

Acknowledging this gives us a great and deep insight that will immediately enhance your ability to pray or meditate, and bring you instantly closer to the All-Loving Creator. Here it is…

“The closest you will ever be to ‘The Incomparable’ is to free your mind of any image or thought. For a few quick ideas on how you can do this, and how doing this is the quickest way to ‘master your ego’, click here.

The connection I want you to see here, that may have an instant effect on your spiritual development is that believing in One, who is Eternal & Incomparable forces us to free our minds from any thought forms. It is impossible to ‘remember Allah’ unless we do so in a way that doesn’t limit Allah in any way. The only way a human can do this is to be free from thought forms of this world, and thought forms that limit Allah (like imagining It with 10 fingers & 10 toes). There is of course an immense side benefit of doing this – experiencing instant “ihsan” – the Quranic word for spiritual excellence, goodness, and beauty… or perhaps even “enlightenment”.

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