How To Work With A Quran Study Buddy

Creating an empowering environment is a crucial element if you seriously want to achieve your Quran goals. The norm in your life is probably dis-empowering. It’s much easier to tell yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “this is too hard”, than it is to be positive all the time.

I always have clients who set big, bold goals for themselves, and then go out and find the most cynical, negative, condescending member of their immediate family and tell them all about the new goal. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens next.

If you actually want to achieve your goals, it is a good idea to tell people about the goal… BUT… you need to find the right people to tell. Guess where you can find the right kind of people… right here! Only a certain type of person joins the Quran For Busy People community – people who are busy, and who are serious about achieving their Quran goals anyway. Wouldn’t you love to help your sisters and brothers to achieve their goals, and increase the likelihood of you doing it yourself, too?

Part of the reason Quran Coaching is so powerful, and gets real results is that I give people total support to achieve their Quran goals. The problem is, I can’t coach everyone! So, even though you’re not professionals in this area, why not coach each other, or at least be ‘study buddies’ so you can keep yourself accountable to a partner, and do them the same favour?

Below is a very simple process you can follow if you want to optimize your environment to improve your chances of Quran success…

1. Go here if you haven’t already, sign up and you’ll get access to a webinar showing you how to study the Basic Quranic Arabic Course, online and for free.

2. Go to the QFBP FaceBook wall:  and see if anyone has posted “I want a Basic Course Study Buddy” and comment on their posts. If there don’t seem to be any, write that in your own post, and see if anyone comments. Become ‘friends’ with anyone who expresses interest in working with you.

3. When you become FB friends, either private message each other or skype/email each other every day, to tell your partner:

a) what action you took today – and whether you took action or not. (It doesn’t matter whether you actually took the action, what matters is that you own up and email every day!)

b) what action you plan to take tomorrow – eg. how many classes/what time/ when you’ll fit it in etc.

c) If your partner is consistently not taking action, give them some words of encouragement if you can – even if you don’t, just being there for them to message each day is enough in and of itself.

Give it a go, and you’ll start to achieve Quran success immediately, insha’Allah.

If you like this, ‘share’ it with your friends. Did one of your friends just share this with you? To get the scoop on achieving your Quran goals, and to get access to free webinars and articles, and learn exactly how to understand the entire Quran in Arabic in a few minutes per day, for free, go to

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